Indusys Technology IncTeam, We have recently had a significant number of ITI pre-scheduled calls where the technician missed the pre-scheduled appointment and, in some cases, did not even call their TS or the customer to advise that they would not make the pre-scheduled time. In short, this just cannot happen. Going forward, any technician with a pre-scheduled ITI call, MUST manage their calls as described below:

  • ITI pre-scheduled appointments cannot be changed unless requested by the customer without any influence on our part. If the customer calls you to re-schedule a pre-scheduled appointment, please contact ITI tech support to advise of the customer’s request so that it can be documented.
  • All pre-scheduled ITI calls are “JUST GO” calls. You do not have to make direct contact with the customer in order to proceed to site.
  • If you know you will be unable to make the pre-scheduled ITI call, you must contact your Territory Supervisor immediately in order to allow the Territory  Supervisor time to either re-assign the call or to make other arrangements with the customer.

Unfortunately, the amount of failures in properly managing these type of calls recently has forced us to take a harder stance on enforcing the guidelines above. Failure to properly manage your pre-scheduled ITI calls as described above will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. This is obviously a step we do not want to take but we have to get this under control.

Thank you in advance for your focus and attention to this matter.